What makes a candle luxury?

There are several elements that go into making a luxury candle. They include the quality and the type of wax and wicks that are used, whether the scents are customized and the quality of the fragrance oils, the features and design of the candle container, and the quality of the packaging. 

We use a long lasting, clean burning, natural vegan coconut apricot wax, with sustainably sourced crackling wooden wicks, our unique and customized scents are inspired by our shared memories and experiences. We individually engrave our candle glass for maximum candlelight and take care to package each candle to arrive safely to you. All to enhance your candle burning experience. 

Are our candles only for Black people?

No. Although at Black Culture Candles we're highlighting Black Joy, we encourage all races and ethnicities to connect with the scents and the experiences that inspire them. 

How quickly will my order ship?

We ship within 1-2 days from your order date with most orders shipping the next business day. We offer free first class package shipping on all regular priced orders. To review our shipping policy, click here. 

Can I purchase wholesale?

Yes, we offer wholesale and bulk orders. Please contact us for more information by filling out the form here. 

Can the glass be repurposed?

Yes. To remove any residual wax, pour boiling hot water into the glass to melt the wax. As the water cools, the wax will rise to the top. Let the wax harden and then remove from the glass. Wash your candle glass and use any way you like. Use it as a flower vase, a cute holder for makeup brushes, store small items like cotton rounds, or get creative and make it into something awesome.