About Us

Lori Parnell - Founder - BlackCultureCandles.com


Welcome to Black Culture Candles, where Luxury meets Nostalgia. 

I’m Lori, founder and candle maker. Join me as we celebrate the rich experiences and collective memories that connect us to each other. Black Culture Candles is a celebration of Joy through scent.

Our candles are thoughtfully designed to take you on a journey through scent, capturing the small nostalgic moments that bring us joy. Moments like watching our grandmother tend to her garden, to playing in the warm summer sun, to the love and pride we have for each other. These moments are the cornerstone of community and culture. Join us on a journey through scent to celebrate these nostalgic moment and experiences. 

The idea for Black Culture Candles was born at a time where Black Joy was hard to find. But, watching people from other cultures and ethnicities stand in solidarity with us was awe inspiring. I wanted to somehow capture the feeling of that moment; the understanding and the unity of that moment and remind us of the joy we share as a culture.

We are a community with diverse experiences, but we are united by the commonalities that make us who we are. Join us on a sensory journey to rediscover the joys and experiences that connect us.

At Black Culture Candles, we celebrate the essence of Black Joy through the art of scent. Our mission is to tap into our collective memories and shine a light on the experiences that connect us with candles crafted with the highest quality ingredients to ensure an exquisite and long-lasting burn. We believe that candles should not only smell amazing, but also create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

We want you to be a part of the process. If you have a memory or experience you’d like to share, we’d love to hear about it. Click here to tell us about it, and if we use it to create a candle, you’ll receive a free 13oz candle as our gift to you.

Click here to begin your journey through scent. 

Wishing you joy and the warm glow of candlelight,
Black Culture Candles