About Us

Lori Parnell is the owner of Black Culture Candles. A luxury candle brand that celebrates Black Joy through Scent. We offer unique fragrance blends inspired by our shared memories and experiences. Visit us at BlackCultureCandles.com


Hi, I’m Lori, the owner and candle maker behind Black Culture Candles.

We're a luxury brand that celebrates the moments that connect us. We offer candle fragrances inspired by our shared memories and experiences.

I approach candle-making as a sensory experience. I take a memory and explore the feelings it evokes and work with a variety of scent notes to translate those emotions into a unique custom fragrance. My goal is that you experience joy every time you light your candles.

The idea for Black Culture Candles was born at a time in our history when Black Joy was hard to find. I wanted to create something that reminded us that Joy is a big part of our culture. Our memories and our experiences are important, and lighting a candle that brings joy is a great way to not only enhance the vibe you're creating for your space, or indulge in much needed self care, but to honor our legacy of joy.  

Our candles are made by hand with a creamy, shimmering, natural vegan wax, with customized scents, poured into recyclable artisan engraved glass, set with crackling, sustainably forested wooden wicks and packaged for safe shipping. Each scented candle serves as a reminder that joy can be found in the small moments.

Everything we do is to make sure you have a exceptional candle-burning experience.

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Wishing you Joy & Candlelight