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Join Lori, your scent journey guide through the moments that connect us at BlackCultureCandles.comWelcome to Black Culture Candles

I’m Lori, Owner and your  Scent Journey Guide. Join me as we celebrate the moments and experiences that connect us.

Each candle in our collection is more than just a source of light or a beautiful fragrance; it's a vessel of storytelling and a bridge to our cultural heritage. The scents we've carefully created are chapters in a storybook of our shared connection, with each fragrance evoking a different story from our collective past. 

Our candles are thoughtfully designed to take you on a journey through scent, with fragrances inspired by the nostalgic moments that bring us joy. Experiences like being nurtured by the people we love, the joy of your best childhood summer, and the rituals and traditions we share. Take a scent journey with us to celebrate these cornerstones of connection and culture.

The idea for Black Culture Candles was born at a time when joy was hard to find. But, watching people from other cultures and ethnicities stand in solidarity with us was awe inspiring. I wanted to capture the feeling of that moment; the joy, the understanding, and the unity of that moment. Combining my candle-making hobby with a profound conversation with my daughter about the connection between scent, emotion, and memory, set me on the path to create something special.

Our mission is to bring our collective memories to life and highlight the joyful experiences that connect us. Our candles, made with vegan, non-toxic wax and are free from harmful chemicals, and designed to fill your space with exceptional fragrance and a comforting glow. Each candle, with its engraved glass and wood wick is a journey into scent.

Each candle is a tribute to the enduring spirit of our community. They’re an invitation to reflect, to celebrate, and to connect with the moments that define us. In the glow of our candles, find a moment of peace, a sense of belonging, and a deep connection to the culture that weaves us together.

Discover the collection by clicking here, or join me for an immersive scent journey experience where we delve into the inspiration behind each fragrance and the meticulous craftsmanship behind every candle.

Embrace joy, culture and connection with our meticulously handcrafted candles. For care instructions and information about candles, visit our Candle Care Page. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to me directly here. 

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Joy & Candlelight


Image by The Green Photograph