About Us


I’m Lori, the founder and maker behind Black Culture Candles.

As a culture, there are moments and experiences that connect us to each other. Experiences like watching our grandmothers tend to her garden, the joys of playing in the summer sun as children, and the love we have for our partners, friends, family and community. These shared experiences are the foundation of all culture and community.

Let us take you on a scent journey through the moments that connect us.

My mission is to tap into these collective memories and experiences and use them to shine a light on our pockets of joy. We know that the Black Joy can look and feel like, but have you ever thought about what it smells like? It smells like home, like unity, like love.

Black Culture Candles is celebrating Black Joy through scent. 

The idea for Black Culture Candles was born at a time when Black joy was hard to find. At every turn, we were bombarded with the traumas of being Black during the 2020s social justice movement. But watching people from other cultures and ethnicities stand in solidarity with us was awe inspiring. 

Joy can be found in the small nostalgic moments. 

There is so much joy in Black culture. I wanted to create something that reminded us that joy doesn't have to be big, it can be found in the small nostalgic moments all around us. 

Our memories and experiences are deeply connected to scent, and can activate the part of the brain that triggers vivid imagery. It was this realization that gave me the idea to tap into what makes us, us and birthed Black Culture Candles.

We are by means a monolith, but there are commonalities in our experiences that unite us. Let’s go on a scent journey to remind us of the joys and experiences that connect us.

If you have a memory or experience you’d like to share, click here and tell me about it. If I use it to create a candle, you’ll get a free 13oz for free. 

Wishing you Joy and Candlelight
Black Culture Candles