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I just gifted one of your candles to my sister for hosting my family at her house for vacation, and she was as blown away by the quality and scent as I was. Thank you for putting your whole heart into making such wonderful candles.


From the luxury packaging, beautifully engraved jars and amazing scents…these candles are just different. These candles make me feel a sense of home I didn’t know I needed and a luxury experience we all deserve.


I can't say enough awesome things about your candles. The quality, the packaging, it was amazing to be given these snapshots of your memories. The candle is delicious, and I LOVE the cut-out B on the black glass.


How beautiful is the wax when it burns!
Your candles burn beautifully and smell amazing! Congratulations on a very, very, very impressive product!


These candles are incredibly elegant and they smell as good as they look.


These are our favorite candles! You can tell that a lot of care has gone into creating them. I love the sparkle in the wax, the crackling wood wicks, and knowing there are no harmful ingredients.


These candles smell so good, they will make you a candle snob! I love them so much I have the entire line of scents and am eagerly awaiting new scents to drop. If I could leave 10 stars, I would!


These are the best quality candles I have ever experienced. I can tell that there was so much thought behind each fragrance as they are so unique but also so familiar in essence.


After getting a few of these amazing Candles, I'm hooked for life!! Every time someone comes in my home they rave about how good they smell.



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